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OK, it's cold out there for this Texas boy. I'm old, thin skinned and don't like the cold. But love riding more than hating the cold. So a few years ago I started buying some heated gear I could use on and off the bike. Got these to test out thinking if they worked OK I would get a better pair. Shows three purchases as I bought some for gifts.

Product Glove Sports gear Helmet Font

They get hot quickly. Well made and cost effective at $69. Come with both batteries and charger cables.

Shoe Luggage and bags Bag Font Baggage

The batteries fit in a zippered pocket on back side of wrist in a way that you don't realize they are there.

Battery life is good, but take about an hour off the lowest time they show.

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Actually had these on when I totaled the Electra Glide. Held up well, protected my hands and still worked afterwards. Other than a few scuffs, good to go.

Clothing Footwear Glasses Shoe Arm

I'm on my third year with these. Would I buy again, absolutely.

Do any of you use heated gloves?

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Say what you will, I love my MC mitts. 😄

And they only cost $20

When I first got them, I tested them in 40* weather and hit a top speed of 50 mph. I did it bare handed for the purpose of the test and my hands stayed completely warm.

I would never ride without some type of other glove protection even in the summer. Well of course unless I'm just riding around inside the house. 😄

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Heated gear is the best! Battery powered or not, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Mine are powered by the bike, so when I get off the bike the heat is gone unlike those with batteries. When riding all I need is a t-shirt under the heated vest and I'm toasty. Never have to worry about extra battery packs. On my last trip up the PCH in Cali and into Washington state it was cold and wet almost every day. I fell back in love with the heated vest and gloves (which are waterproof as well). My fellow riders were chilled to the bone while I was enjoying the ride.

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In the guise of full disclosure, Les and I met on another forum some time ago. I too bought and use the same gloves he started this thread with. I am on the second winter with my second pair. I ride a lot in the cold temperatures to include rain. These gloves do work well but will eventually absorb a lot of rain making them quite chilly despite the warming heat. The main reason I think is the rain soaks some of the electronics inside causing it to temporarily to fail. After they dry out overnight though, they are ready for duty the next morning for the ride to work.

On longer rides, I get right at 2 hours of use before the battery dies on the higher heat settings. They last longer on the lower setting to around 2.5ish hours.

I also ride with HippoHands on my bikes during the cold months. This set was on a Stratoliner I had up to 121K miles, sold this year. Ignore that tow truck in the background...
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I have the HippoHands on Rex and Brahma right now.

Until a few years ago, I wore the TourMaster heated vest and gloves combination. I don't use the jacket liner anymore as it is just too dang hot to wear around here. We usually don't get below the 20s much anymore with an occasional dip into the teens. Simple layers are enough for me so far. And the ensemble required it to run off the bike's electrical system which at times got in the way or came off.

I usually do not ride on purpose in the snow. But the weather guessers will goof it up and I get to exercise my skills a little more than I expected when I went to work on those days.
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