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In Long Distance riding vernacular a RTE is a Ride To Eat. Simply put it is a lunch date.
This particular RTE is hosted at Big Ray’s BBQ in Allen, Texas in February 18, 2023, starting at about 11:00am. Riders will begin gathering earlier than that but 11 is when the food is served.

There is no fee associated with this event except for your food. We visit, eat, then go our separate ways. No rides except the one they got you here.

If this could be your thing come and join us.

PS: if the weather doesn’t suit your riding style coming in your ‘cage’ isn’t frowned upon. (2022 had really terrible weather and only 5 bikes showed up, all were local, the other 30 vehicles were cars)

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Sounds like a great destination. Unfortunately 6 hours one way for me, I'll have to think about that.
Take the Kawasaki Les, better mileage I bet.

That is around 1,300 miles from my house. I'd have to stop and eat before I got there though...
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