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I would like to thank everyone who have joined us here. It's a new concept for a forum and thought it would be a great one.

We have a fantastic core group. Y'all helped big time getting things kicked off. I invited folks that I knew rode alot, posted pictures of their destinations, talked about routes and eateries on different forums I'm on. We will soon get to know each other better and create friendships.

We are close to having most of the background software issue either fixed or on the radar to get done.

So we are ready for the next step, everyone reaching out and inviting more people to join us. The more folks we have the more posts about destinations, waypoints, accommodations and eateries we get. With this we can become the go to site for anyone planning a road trip. So please invite anyone you would like to.

On a side note. I've read many riding posts from most of y'all on other forums. Most of us are having weather issues right now and new trips are limited. Guess winter isn't the best time to start a new motorcycle forum. So I would love to see you post some of your past trips that would be informative and entertaining to a new audience. I'm going to call a few out, just copy and paste your previous writeups if you want. @AlanRides, your trip to the Dragon was a good read, still will be and you Scavenger Hunt rides. @VStarArizona, post your rides going to the lake with the mountains in the background, love those. @Boog, we need some Kermit, Santa, or Renaissance stories with pictures. @GARider, you have great videos on the GA back roads, some of the best I've ever watched. @CarGuy, your trip this year getting the rest of the 48 states was great. @ironbuttbill, I know you are working on getting some things posted.

Hopefully with time we can be THE MOTORCYCLE THERAPY forum that everyone wants to be part of.
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I posted an invitation on my Honda sites.
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