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Keeping your ride in tip top shape is part of motorcycling and safety is a big part of that. A Pro Tip on those activities is to check your manufacturers web site for possible safety recalls that affect your bike. Some are serious safety concerns and some are more of a preventative nature. Either way, the cost is almost always covered by the manufacturer & worth your time to have addressed.

To look check for recalls you will need to know your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number. This unique serial number has all the information about your bike encoded into it and can be found stamped into the headstock (under the handlebars where the forks attach) or on a label usually on the frame close to the fron of the bike.

Once you find your VIN number you will go to your manufacturers web site and enter it in to look up recalls that affect your ride. I have listed some of the common manufacturers recall links below. If you can't find your particular bike your local dealer will have access to all recalls you may need.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Safety Recall Information | Harley-Davidson USA
Yamaha Vehicle Status - Yamaha Motor Canada
Honda Honda Recalls - Honda Powersports
Suzuki Suzuki Cycles - Safety Recalls
Kawasaki Safety Recall | Kawasaki Owners Center
Indian Search for On-Road Product Safety Recalls | Indian Motorcycle Canada
Truimph recall search
BMW Vehicle Recall
Aprilia Recall Campaigns
Can-Am Safety Recalls – Can-Am On-Road

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I just completed a recall on Rex. This was for a software update. Evidently, the ECU was causing the brake light to remain illuminated after brake release. This causes other highway users to not know when the bike is really slowing or not. Thus, a Safety recall for all HD Touring bikes.
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