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Review: m2021 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

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I test rode the 2021 Indian Springfield Dark Horse today. This one has the 116 ci. If you want the regular Springfield, you get brighter colors and it cost $500 less.

The dealership was having a demo of it and the BMW R19. In reality though, these two bikes are not easily comparable so I will concentrate on the Indian.
For starters, this bike feels as big as it looks. Compared to the Yamaha Stratoliner though, they feel very close in heft. The 116 ci engine in the Springfield has gobs of usable power and is pretty close to the power-to-weight ratio of the Stratoliner.
The Springfield does not come with a windscreen, riders back rest or passenger backrest but you can add these for a suitcase of money. The MSRP without these is around $22K add then and it goes up to around $25,800.
As you can see in the next picture, this one does not have auxiliary fog lights.

The saddle bags seem to be a good size. I could easily put my lunch box inside there along with all my other stuff I normally carry, tire repair kits, tools, air compressor…
The dual pipes rock. I love the sound coming from these, deep and throaty.


One of the big detractors for me is the keyless remote starting system. In the picture below, you can see the big on/off button on the center console. The bags are electronically locked as well but they do have a key too.

The bike has a wonderful amount of power. You may not feel it right away, but just a little more twist and it hits pretty Hard. The six-speed gear box feels great through all gears.
The brakes are great too. As I was charging up through the gears and shifted into fourth, I executed an emergency stop. The bike was steady as could be and stopped incredibly fast.
The balance is awesome with the Springfield. Coming to a complete stop several times and I didn’t need to put a foot down for several seconds.
One other issue I have concerns my personal ergonomics. I am 5’ 9” with a 32” inseam. The bars are at my limit for my reach. I think I would be more comfortable with an inch back and maybe an inch higher. The foot controls are also at the limit for my legs. The dealer tells me he thinks they can be adjusted back an inch or so. If true, that would be great for me.
Overall, I really enjoyed this bike a lot and could see myself riding it for many years. The torque alone will win many over; well, except some R3 owners...
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Nice write up. Being a cruiser I'm surprised no heal shifter.
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