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First I want to thank everyone who have joined. Being a forum dedicated to Motorcycle Therapy makes us unique. Doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you ride, want to talk about it and help others do the same.

A few site staff announcements:

Administrators are:
@lesblank and @Tinsnips

We have successfully worked together on multiple forums for several years. Our purpose here to ensure you have a safe, spam and scam free environment. While we will be diligent on our mission, we need everyone to be our eyes when we're not online. Please immediately sent one of us a Private Message or message us here: Community Help if you see something that appears not to be right.

Let's make this a successful site focused on Motorcycle Therapy


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I would also like to thank those who helped us kick this off!

I’d like to add that should anyone receive a suspicious PM regarding a classified ad please report it with the Report button.

If you aren’t sure that someone you are dealing with is legit send us a PM and we will check if they seem dodgy or not.

Safe rides everyone.
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