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So you're planning a trip to the Texas Hill Country? Big question is where to stay if doing an overnight trip. My wife and I have been traveling out here for years. Here's a few places we have stayed.

Leakey Inn

A very motorcycle friendly place with small cabins. Nice, clean and located close to eating establishments. Centrally located for miles of biker friendly roads. Definitely recommend this place.

Yea, bike was loaded down. We stayed for two nights this time. Wife of course had to bring cloths for 5 days. All my stuff was packed in one of the side pockets.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

Plant Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

My favorite spot to rest my helmet is Al's Hideaway

It's a few miles off the beaten path, but extremely peaceful.

Ecoregion Map World Atlas Font

They have small cabins that are clean with everything you need.

Sky Building Tree Window Wood

My wife is picky were she stays and this place definitely meets her expectations for being clean.

Property Fixture Bathroom Shower door Plumbing fixture

Furniture Property Cabinetry Table Couch

Here she is planning the next days ride. I've learned if she plans the spots she can't complain. I'm good as long as we are riding. Don't tell her I posted this picture, she gets mad when the picture isn't showing her best.

Building Window Comfort Wood Laptop

More to follow.

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From Bandera, Texas - 2019 HD Freewheeler - 2006 Vulcan 900
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Now for the best spot to stay, my place, in my opinion. Going to bore y'all a bit. Wife and I retired in April 2022, sold our house in Houston and moved to the Texas Hill Country. Every year we came here for vacation, so why not move here. I'm located in the middle of some of the best Motorcycle Roads.

Ecoregion Map World Atlas Parallel

Short video showing first few months of build.

Many other updates have been made since video.

Sky Cloud Land lot Window Tree

It's small, 956 square feet, nice shed, carport with concrete and deck with great views. Never been in construction, but other that having the pier and beam cabin, I've done everything else, and has turned out pretty nice for the wife and I.

Rear deck view

Sky Plant Wood Shade Fence

Front deck

Property Sky Wood Beam Shade

And view from top of property, this is actually a lake, we're in middle of major drought.

Sky Water resources Water Plant Natural landscape

Here's a picture one year apart.

Water Water resources Sky Plant community Ecoregion

So, if you are thinking of coming to hill country, just let me know.

Oh, almost forgot, I've got my own petting zoo. Yes, I've got a contract with Santa.

Cloud Sky Plant Vehicle Tire

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I can highly recommend Chez Blankenship. Food, accommodations, comfort and hospitality are unparalleled.

The road getting there, well, not so much......LOL. Successfully navigating the last 1/2 mile after leaving the pavement while 2 up on a 1000# tourer makes getting to your destination that much sweeter..... But, I did it a couple of times no worse for the wear, so.....

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