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I have some issues with this XT that will at some point need to be addressed. I think I probably have a crank bearing or something wearing out in the lower end. I know its been running hot. I band-aid fix that a little by turning the idle down a tad. I think it's still running hot, but at least the header pipe isn't glowing anymore o_O. I'm guessing at some point I will be giving an engine rebuild a shot.

I got it ready to hit the streets today. It hadn't been started in 10 months but fired up on the first crank. 😃

I did notice this though.
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Oil seeping from the air filter cover. Hmmm

Better look at the air filter. I knew it should have been clean. I put it in a year ago, but only put a few hundred miles on it.
Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Hood Bumper

Yeah, looookin' goood. ( that's my Freddie Prinze impression)😆

While looking for EX parts last week, I came across a few XT parts.
Adapter Plastic Font Cable Auto part

Had the sneaking suspicion that it was an air filter seal. Looked the number up at Ron Ayers, and sure enough it was. When you find something you need and didn't know you had, it really is a Christmas miracle. :cool:

I never would have noticed that oil seeping if I had not had a work light focused on the drive chain doing a chain lube.

The seal part number was a superseded number.
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Original seal, the continuous loop. The new seal, the 4-foot length of rubber. o_O It took 1&1/2 feet to make the new seal. So I still have enough for another one.;)

At any rate, got the bike out and rode a few miles to get it warmed up. Then changed the oil. So now we're up and running.

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@bpe glad you had the part and were able to get it to work out.
Hope to see you on the road.
If you are up to a ride on the 14th I will be headed to this in Athens GA. See picture.
Also I join the Ride for Kids benefit ride for pediatric brain tumor foundation that is usually scheduled in June.


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