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Most of us have many great pictures of your bike. Post your favorite photos here and maybe a quick narrative about the photo.

As simple as this picture looks, it's the beginning of a multiple day trip with wife. It was cold that day and our first trip on the 1100. This was March 2018.

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This pic was taken near Bent, NM, on Nov 23, 2019 while on my way to the Pink's Hot Dog Bite the Weenie RTE in Hollywood, CA. In the background is White Sands National Monument/Park. Alamogordo, NM, is just out of frame to the left. The temp had risen to around 30 degrees by this point of the ride.

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Picture is probably 5 years old now (my hair still has some color...LOL) and I was pretty sure the Nomad was going to be replaced with some kind of Indian. Had I not stumbled on the SVTC in 2019 I would have never gone looking for information on it and thus wound up on the VStar forum. Happy accident.
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Mobile on our way to the SE Regional members meet up in 2021.
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